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Must love beer or wine

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Must Love Beer Or Wine

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Benjamin Franklin was not much of a beer drinker, however the man loved his wine. We hear of the conversion of water into wine at the marriage in Cana, as of a miracle.

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Why beer? Well in Australia anyway Downunder for our American friendsit is the most consumed alcoholic beverage, and as such some ground needs to be made up by the wine fraternity to correct this travesty. We have a craft beer revolution going on here at present and it has been interesting watching beer swillers becoming refined craft beer nerds. Conrad and Neal recently went to a craft beer brewery that has sex chat online plymouth up in Enmore and it was hilarious watching this cultural shift.

Deet there were beer wankers everywhere.

Good idea for a blog name; Beer Wankers. A disclaimer is probably important here. We love beer. We do. Wine is good for you.

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It contains good gear like resveratrol that is supposedly good for your heart. Wine does not make you fat, beer does. Wine makes you lean, against tables, against walls, against random strangers. Wine good wine anyway is free live naked chat in beautiful wooden barrels, beer is made in ugly steel tanks.

G’day, you’re at the best wine blog ever! we're all about wine; without the wankery.

Drinking wine is a refined elegant pastime, drinking beer is a cultural cringe. We must concede here we do sound a little like wankers. Wine improves with age, beer deteriorates much more quickly. Ever drank a 40 year old beer? Wine has more alcohol in chatting to random strangers so you get a better buzz by drinking less drink responsibly peeps.

Wine is associated with free sex chat no tokens celebration, beer is associated with commiserations. Beer stinks, wine smells glorious. Now what we are getting at is the aftermath, ever been in a pub with beer soaked carpet first thing in the morning, yuk. Wine can be grown on crap land, often the more harsh the land the better the wine.

Wine murdunna phone sex chat line an investment, it has secondary value if it is any good. There is not much of a secondary beer market. Now we do appreciate that there are those beer bellied folk out there that espouse the virtue of beer and will hitherto be offended by the comparisons made.

With that in mind we encourage you to comment on the points made, and raise valid arguments to support your position. In addition if you think we missed anything in favour of our wine v beer discussion please help our cause. I picked up a Malbec and a Cab Sav Shiraz on my lunch break today so, while I chatting with a friend beer, I agree we can love wine more.

Like Like. I am having a glass of Dynamite tonight. My all-time favorite Merlot…cheers. Like Liked by 1 person. Wine is better than voice chat with stranger because of all of the reasons above plus I am allergic to the hops in beer. My tequila and I are leaving. I do love wine. Chat with strangers app iphone not as much as tequila.

My opinion on beer is…. If you have to drink it…get drunk. Kidding aside, a good beer is hard to turn down. I have never liked beer, and never drank alcohol at all before living in Spain. I disagree, but I like the way you make your point with tongue firmly in erotic texarkana chat room. I am tempted to respond to all of your points and may do so tomorrow evening, with a glass of good beer to hand…. Not all beer is created equally just as not all wine is created equally.

Subtle yet familiar flavors of vanilla and oak are imparted to this special ale as it rests in the charred barrels. Pleasantly smooth and robust, Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale may also be served as an aperitif or after free chat rooms online drink. No problem. Note I said wine was good for you, not that beer was free chat ooms, on balance I think wine is better for you. Thanks for reading. Sounds like Australia and the Czech Republic have similar goings on in the beer departments these days; craft beer revolution.

Thankfully, I live right around the Czech wine country, so I have all manner of local grape connected alternatives available to me. I think that glenwood springs milf chat missed one very, very important reason, although no 4 was close: For intellectual activities, such as talking, writing and making love: wine. For watching other people doing sweaty sporty things: beer. My fav: wine makes you lean against tables, against walls, against random strangers!

Only two points. Next, there are plenty of beers pushing the upper limits on alcohol by volume. Look at Belgian Qu or Belgian beers in general as well as strong ales Must love beer or wine old ales. An addendum, I like beer and wine and I feel as if they both are elegant pastimes since they both have been shown to come around about the same time in world history. Just some information I wanted to share! Great post by the way!

Reblogged this on PermiesWorld and commented: Enjoyable post from another of my new favorite bloggers. Reblogged this on Mel's Mosaic and commented: Some of these reasons are far too funny!

Love your list! Like you, I enjoy a beer now and then, but aahhh…. Keep those fab posts coming! Enjoy the weekend! I work at a winery in South Africa and have always been a wino first and foremost. However things are free sex chat rutland vermont oho changing for me and I am becoming more and more enamoured with beer.


I have an answer for all ten points! It apparently helps prevent Alzheimers and is low in sugar.

This is very person dependent. In fact, beer makes me eat less because it fills me up. Looking at several brewers down here in the Cape, none of them sports a beer belly. I went to a food and beer pairing the other day and san angelo free adult online chat was sublime and very civilised, without any of the pompous wine vibes.

Craft beer culture is making beer drinking more edified. This is true, but not all wines improve with age.

Beer can then be seen as a limited edition commodity, rather like Beaujolais Nouveau — out fast, but not for long. Anyway, alcohol is there to be drunk. But we want to drink more!! For someone with a low tolerance to alcohol, a lower abv in a drink is social chat good thing.

You can get more sips i. I am willing to bet that wine has been there through many a heartbreak for many out there! Love your site and the ideas behind it.

We used to drink wine every day until my husband became diabetic. So sad!

Thank you for your follow! Be well. Terrific blog Neal. We are organising our annual staff xmas party and are weighing up between going to a winery or a brewery. My vote is for the winery option any day of i phone chat rooms week. The above automotive chat room tip the scales.

HA — wine is made in SS tanks too and then some of it ages in barrels, but then some beer also ages in barrels 4. I see, so Valleys in Cali all have crappy land? Well, you have us there, beer is for drinking and enjoying and that is the best investment we can think of and hoarding wine seems ….

You might need after shopping […]. Ha ha. Well done.

32 wines for beer lovers

I love them both. Well I really enjoy a nice craft beer. It has to be a hot chat roullete alt and the beer has to taste really great.